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PostSubject: Alchemy...   Sat Sep 27, 2008 7:59 pm

I'm not gonna list all the ingredients for all the potions out there, but only the important ones(note the blue parts):

Tier 4: (level 70)

Ambrosial Gold: Golden Lotus Leaf, Mead(M) - Health: 284.9 and 119.3 regen.
Bitterbrisk: Ephedra Grass, Tincture of Bergamot(M) - Stamina: 237.5 and 92.9 regen.
Visionwine: Fly Agaric, Barley Wine(M) - Mana: 268.3 and 94.1 regen.

Tier 5: (level 75)

Golden Wine of Xuthal: Black Lotus Stamen, White Lotus Pollen, Mead (M) - Health: 306.9 and 128.7 regen.
Bloodfire Wine: Mixed Lotus Powder, Red Mustard Seed, Rarefied Wine(M) - Stamina: 253.3 and 99.6 regen.
Narchinthe: Jasmine Petals, Black Lotus Powder, Tincture of Lavender(M) - Mana: 287.4 and 99.6 regen.

Tier 6: (level 80)

Note: All these recipes requires Alchemist's Workshop III and we don't have that yet, but you can still store them for further use.

Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir: Ta Neheh Leaf, Poppy Juice, White Rum(M) - Health: 324.5 and 134.8 regen.
Kingsmight Ale: Ignis Weed, Grey Lotus Dust, Black Stout(M) - Stamina: 266.1 and 104.5 regen
Bloodpurple Ale: Emerald Lotus Juice, Blood Red Carmot, Rarified Wine(M) - Mana: 302.3 and 103.9 regen.

If you have the ingredients and want the potions done contact Abulurd/Achaemenes/Akeshi.
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